Clients and Users

BMC Group Class Action Services specializes in complex information management services supporting mass tort/class action litigation as well as critical corporate initiatives.

We offer the technology and services to help our clients collect, manage, and deliver information with accuracy and timeliness. Our dynamic solutions are designed to be flexible enough to adapt to whatever business challenges may arise — and we consistently set new industry standards for the legal, financial, corporate, and medical industries.

BMC Group Class Action Services provides consulting and administration services for class action and mass tort settlements. Our focused consulting services effectively control expenses and reduce the time from settlement to distribution. With experience dating back to the first MDL litigation of the 1970s, we have helped clients administer settlements involving billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of class members. (more)

BMC Group provides a full suite of solutions supporting mass tort litigation, from claims/release processing through lien resolution and the distribution of settlement funds. (more)

BMC Group provides corporate clients with on-demand communications and data/image processing services. We offer secure on-shore services that clients most need to support their corporate mission. (more)

BMC Group provides comprehensive litigation lifecycle solutions to trial lawyers and clients so they can focus on the most important element of litigation: winning. (more)

Leading restructuring professionals rely on BMC Group for our unmatched expertise and service. With over 200 diversely trained team members, we deliver the knowledge, technology, tools and services required to successfully conduct and manage even the most complex projects. (more)